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Great recoil pad for a junior shooter

Limbsaver med slip overJust saw this video on Youtube by Firearm Patriot reviewing the Limbsaver Slip On Pad.  If you have a junior shooter, this is a nice, economical addition to your gun that doesn’t require any work.  It just slips on to your buttstock, which makes it really easy to change it in and out.

These are available at Nokick.com.  You can check them out here.

Recoil Pad for Magpul Stocks

Limbsaver padAfter years of customers asking for it, we finally have a recoil pad made for Magpul CollaMagpul stockspsible Stocks. These are made by Limbsaver and will fit any collapsible stock made by Magpul. This includes the following models: CTR, STR, ACS, UBR, MOE collapsible stock and MOE Fixed Carbine Stock. It does not fit the PRS series precision stocks, the MOE Fixed Rifle Stock or the Magpul Shotgun Stocks.

You want Recoil Pads? We got Recoil Pads!

At Nokick.com we have lots and lots of recoil pads in stock and more all the time.  Kick EEZ or Limbsaver.  Pre-Fit or Grind-to-Fit.  Slip-on pads and shoulder pads you can wear.  Slip-on pad inserts.  Sporting Clays style pads, Trap style pads, All Purpose pads, Junior pads, Magnum pads.  AR-15 pads, Remington rifle and shotgun pads, Mossberg pads, Sako/Tikka pads, Benelli pads, Marlin pads, Beretta pads, you name it.

Going dove hunting in South America?

Let us hook you up with an EvoshieldEvoshield Shooter Shirts with Recoil Pads offer great protection for shoulder recoil.  The pad custom fits to your shoulder and gun giving you better protection than just your average shoulder pad.  Check out these pictures and this hunter’s testimony about shooting over 4,000 rounds in Argentina with and without the Evoshield and Clark Bush’s review on allaboutshooting.com. Features

  • Solid recoil pad acts as a shield for your shoulder spreading out recoil
  • Custom forms to customers shoulder and gun stock
  • Compression shirt comfortably holds pad in place better than harnesses and straps
  • Proven extremely effective at protecting from magnum rifle and shotgun recoil and high volume shooting w/o bruising