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Customer Review on

Larry from Laguna Guns in Elk Grove, CA had this to say about working with

“I have been buying products from nokick for my customers for a while. I have always been pleased with their prompt delivery and excellent customer service. As a gunsmith, I am held to a standard by my customers and the guys at nokick help me insure that standard is accomplished. Thanks guys!!! Semper Fi.”
Larry Godbout
Laguna Guns
Elk Grove, Ca

Thanks Larry!  We appreciate your kind words and are glad you are pleased with our service to you and your customers.  We really appreciate your business!

Customer Review: Kynshot AR-15 Carbine Buffer with JP Buffer Spring

Jason, of Indiana, emailed us a GREAT review of the Kynshot AR-15 Carbine Buffer and the JP Buffer Spring for the AR-15 Carbine ! Here’s what he had to say:

“I received the Kynshot and JP spring Friday before I left for work.  I got them both installed, but I didn’t have time to shoot it until Saturday.

Saturday, I went out with my 9 yo son for some shooting.  We were sighting in some new ammo I just received that morning, Federal 5.56 XM-855. I am assuming that ammo packs a little more punch than .223.  It was very comfortable for both of us to shoot.  The recoil is still there, bu it is spread out over time, instead of a quick shot.  I’m really happy with the upgrade.

It does shoot smoothly, and also muzzle rise is reduced.  My 9 yo noticed and could explain the difference he felt in shooting.  He is as unbiased as you can get.  All he knows is what happens when he pulls the trigger, and he likes it.  He said the same that I thought.  It doesn’t kick as hard, and the red dot doesn’t go up near as much.  I should have him write a review!

Thanks again for all your help.”

Thank you, Jason, for shopping at!

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Phil Robertson on Evoshield

A200A-CAM-2TIf you purchased an Evoshield “Shooter’s Shield”, here is a video of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty demonstrating how easy it is to form the Evoshield “ShooterShield”.

Along with this video, you can check out a great  review by Clark Bush.  and here are some fantastic customer testimonials with pictures.  If you are going hunting and plan on shooting a lot of rounds, this is a great product to have with you that doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase.


Great recoil pad for a junior shooter

Limbsaver med slip overJust saw this video on Youtube by Firearm Patriot reviewing the Limbsaver Slip On Pad.  If you have a junior shooter, this is a nice, economical addition to your gun that doesn’t require any work.  It just slips on to your buttstock, which makes it really easy to change it in and out.

These are available at  You can check them out here.

Haus of Gus Video Review – Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock w/ Riser (Rem 870)

Haus of Guns posted a great video review of the Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock with Cheek Riser for Remington 870/1100/11-87 (12 ga)on their YouTube Channel. In the video, you can see the Urbino Tactical Stock with Cheek Riser, which we sell.  We also sell the Urbino Tactical Stock without the Cheek Riser.

Also in the video, you’ll see that the Mesa stock has a Limbsaver pad on it.  We only sell the version of the Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock w/ cheek riser that has the Limbsaver pad, because we feel it is hands down the best recoil pad for this setup.

From what we can tell on the video (2:34), it looks like he also has the Magpul MOE Rem 870 Forend and the Magpul SGA Sling Mount for the Remington 870.  You can see more of these two items in this Haus of Guns video “Magpul 870 MOE Shotgun Review”.

If you’re thinking about customizing your Remington 870, this is a nice way to do it.

Customer Review: Rainier Arms .223 XTC Compensator

RA223XTCB pic 1Nick of Pooler, GA gave the Rainier Arms .223 XTC Compensator a 5 star review! Here’s what he had to say:

“I love my new comp: The xtc is awesome there is barely any recoil with it and it keeps the barrel still it feels like I’m shooting a 22, and with my spikes t3 buffer and sprinco blue buffer spring I can tell my follow up shots were faster after the first few shots. That up and to the right jump is gone this is certainly worth more than what I paid for it. I would give it 10 stars if I could!”

Thank you, Nick, for shopping at!

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If you’re interested in the other products Nick mentioned in his review you can check them out by clicking the links: Spike’s T3 Buffer and the Sprinco M4 Carbine Enhanced Power Buffer Spring Blue

If you’d like to check out a video on the Rainier Arms .223 XTC go here and scroll down to the product description.

Customer Review: Syrac Ordnance GEN II Adjustable Gas Block .750″

Syrac Ordnance Gen II Gas BlockSteve of Castle Pines, CO gave the Syrac Ordnance GEN II Adjustable Gas Block .750″ a 5 star review! Here’s what he had to say:

“Best $100 upgrade to kill recoil and wear: I looked for one of these everywhere and Nokick is the only place that had them. I wanted the Gen2 but couldn’t find one. Decided to buy the Gen1 but when I received my order, it was the Gen2! I notified Brian and he will update the site.

I have a CMMG 5.56 with a carbine gas system. Wasn’t happy with the over gassing that so many AR’s have these days. I tried a heavier buffer and spring but this just makes the forward slam that much worse. I installed the Syrac block and the factory buffer and spring and noticed about a 50% reduction in recoil after some tuning. Also purchased a compensator and the felt recoil was reduced about 70%. Follow up shots are stupid simple and my rifle is just that much more enjoyable.

When cleaning my rifle, my BCG was almost spotless. Normally everything is filthy but the reduced gas kept my rifle much cleaner.

With less gas being shot into my upper, I will get longer life out of my gas rings, bolt lugs, buffer spring, bolt, etc.


Thank you, Steve, for shopping at!

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Customer Review: Seekins Precision Advanced Tactical Compensator .223/5.56

Hear what Hillbilly of Mt. Vernon, Ohio said in his 5 star review of the Seekins Precision Advanced Tactical Compensator .223/5.56:

“NOKICK.COM ROCKS – i just got my gun back with my new compensator & WOW was it was worth the wait! between it & the hydraulic buffer i purchased from NOKICK.COM it seriously has the recoil of a 22 cal. it looks good and it makes a real difference! definitely worth the money! & thanks Brian for taking the time to answer all my question & getn it shipped so quick. cant wait to go coyote hunting… y’all rock! thanks”

Thank you Hillbilly!

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