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AR-15 Front Sight Post


The AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post from Blitzkrieg Components makes for a great sight picture with iron sights. The bold white/black chevron is very eye catching and allows you to see and be more aware of your front sight post faster in high stress or speed shooting. The sharp aiming point at the top of the chevron gives the shooter much more confidence on critical shots than a fat, square post does. This helps on the tiny, close range targets as well as on longer shots. The concept of bringing speed and precision together in the same sight works very well. Now you don’t need a fat, bold sight for speed and a skinny one for precision. You can use the chevron for both. Customers love it and have even told us it solved their cross-dominant eye problems. It also co-witnesses very well with red dot optics if you desire to do so.

blitzkrieg sightThe sights are precision machined from a billet of 303 stainless steel and have a black melonite finish for the ultimate durability and corrosion resistance. You won’t find any other sight post on the market made to those standards. The contrast white paint is very durable and is applied into a machined grove in the sight and is visible on both sides. Each sight comes with a matching sight tool also machined from stainless steel, so installation and adjustment is fast and easy. Try it out. You’ll love it!