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Urbino Tactical Shotgun Stocks for Remington and Benelli Shotguns










The Urbino Tactical Stocks, made by Mesa Tactial, are a very well made and cost effective upgrade for your tactical shotgun.  They are currently available for Remington and Benelli Tactical Shotguns.  Built as a one piece, synthetic, pistol grip stock with a shorter length of pull than most factory stocks, they make the gun feel handier and easier to control, especially if wearing heavy clothing, tactical or hunting vests or other field equipment.  The Urbinos are available in a standard model as well a cheek riser model that provides 5 elevation positions for comb height.  The standard model is a bit less expensive and works great if you plan on using iron sights or bead sights only.  The check riser allows for a perfect cheek weld when using taller iron sights or optics on your shotgun.  You can also use the cheek riser model at its lowest setting with iron sights or you can remove the cheek riser and shoot without it if desired. It is a simple, yet very strong riser design that slides onto one of 5 positions and stays put and will not come loose even during hard use.  The recoil pad is easily removable by hand allowing storage of cleaning gear or other accessories in the stock.  Mesa Tactical offers models with a standard hard rubber butt pad or a nicer and more effective Limbsaver recoil pad.  At we only carry models with the Limbsaver recoil pad since we feel it is the best configuration.  They cost a bit more than the ones with the hard rubber pad, but we think it’s worth it and that our customers will be happier with it.  All models include a sling loop for side-mounted slings that fits through a slot in the middle of the stock in addition to a standard sling swivel stud just forward of the toe of the stock.  A really cool advantage of going with a cheek riser model is the option of adding one of Mesa Tactical’s excellent SureShell ammo carriers to the side of the riser.  These aluminum shell holders are strong and come with a rubber gasket for proper shell tension.  They screw directly onto the side of the Urbino Cheek Riser.  The Urbino SureShell Carriers are available separately for right or left handed shooters and we normally carry the 6 shell version of it since it offers a good balance of capacity and size and is the most popular with customers.  Installation is very simple, so you can be up and running in minutes. The Remington model fits 870 pump shotguns as well as Rem 1100 and 11-87 semi-auto shotguns.  For Benelli shooters, there are models to fit the popular M1, M2, M4 and Super Nova Shotguns. They are a lot of stock for the money and look pretty cool to boot.

New Recoil Pads Introduced by Limbsaver

Limbsaver nitro grind to fit pad

Limbsaver has introduced several new recoil pads this year.  First, is the Nitro Grind-to-Fit Pad that is designed to handle the recoil of big game safari rifles.  It is the thickest pad on the market absorbing the heaviest recoil.  As a grind-to-fit pad, it comes oversized and it needs to be sanded down to custom fit your stock.  You might also want to check out the Limbsaver Pad for the Benelli M1 and the  Limbsaver Recoil Pad that fits both the Benelli M2 Tactical Shotguns and the Steady Grip Stocks .  These are drop-in, pre-fit pads that are really simple to change out with your factory pad.  The Tactical Benelli Models and Steady Grip Models have a different stock design and take a different recoil pad that up until now didn’t have a good aftermarket solution.  Now Limbsaver has taken that on and these pads are in high demand.  Take a look at them under Recoil Pads at