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Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) CQB 30 Compensator

CQB pic

CQB, or close quarters battle, is all about precision, speed, and aggressiveness. The shock of attacking operators swiftly penetrating OPFOR’s sanctum is essential to any successful mission. Yet, without the proper equipment, it is nearly impossible to maintain a high level of operating efficiency. Long barreled rifles would get caught on obstacles, unnecessarily heavy weapons would exhaust the shooters, and compensators would redirect the muzzle blast to the sides, often times right into the face of a team member. The vital aggressiveness can soon become bogged down to a slow grind. Recognizing this, weapons have evolved to adapt to the new situation. The extremely confined nature of the urban environment necessitates the use of small, compact weaponry to allow operators to easily maneuver around obstacles while keeping the all important momentum in their favor.  These shorter weapons come with their own disadvantages that need to be mitigated.


Though many of us will never be placed in an urban jungle, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with enemy a skilled enemy, Primary Weapons System’s CQB 30 is nevertheless shockingly practical for the consumer. The military application is not far from a common civilian necessity: home defense. Already designed for a severely restricted environment, the CQB 30 is perfect for home defense for the very same reasons it excels clearing rooms. Few realize the absolutely defining noise firearms make inside closed areas, especially with short barreled rifles (SBRs). Combine the noise with the blinding three foot flames exploding out of your rifle, and you will be lucky to see or hear anything after the first few rounds. These troubles are especially evident with smaller weapons like AR15 pistols or SBRs. The CQB 30 Compensator eliminates both of these problems by redirecting the muzzle blast forward, away from your ear drums, and suppressing the flash. It also slightly delays the gas expulsion, which results in less recoil. In essence, the PWS CQB allows the shooter to maintain his focus on the target, without being distracted or disoriented by excessively loud concussive blasts or bright muzzle flashes, giving you the control of the situation and preventing unnecessary harm to a family member who would have otherwise been hit by the blast. This directly translates to greater personal preparedness and a massive advantage for the gun owner in a home defense situation.


Adapted from the PWS CQB 556, which serves the smaller .223 caliber, the CQB 30 was tailored to 7.62mm bullets, which can support 7.62x51mm (.308), 7.62×39 and .300 Blackout as long as they have 5/8×24 threads on the barrel. Weighing in at a solid 7.2 oz, the CQB is made from high quality materials which are covered by a lifetime warranty. This added weight gives the operator increased control, mitigating the difficulty many experience controlling SBRs, on top of the obvious benefits of redirecting the concussive blast and suppressing the flash. Furthermore, the PWS CQB 30 is only two and a half inches long, perfect for shorter barrel lengths for which it was designed. For these reasons, the Primary Weapons System CQB 30 is rapidly becoming one of the most popular compensators on the market today.  Perfect for AR pistols and SBRs but also providing significant advantages to longer barreled carbines as well.  Overall, the Primary Weapons System CQB 30 is an amazing piece of hardware with invaluable benefits to both the firearms enthusiast and home defense minded shooter and is highly recommended.