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Customer Review: Kynshot AR-15 Carbine Buffer with JP Buffer Spring

Jason, of Indiana, emailed us a GREAT review of the Kynshot AR-15 Carbine Buffer and the JP Buffer Spring for the AR-15 Carbine ! Here’s what he had to say:

“I received the Kynshot and JP spring Friday before I left for work.  I got them both installed, but I didn’t have time to shoot it until Saturday.

Saturday, I went out with my 9 yo son for some shooting.  We were sighting in some new ammo I just received that morning, Federal 5.56 XM-855. I am assuming that ammo packs a little more punch than .223.  It was very comfortable for both of us to shoot.  The recoil is still there, bu it is spread out over time, instead of a quick shot.  I’m really happy with the upgrade.

It does shoot smoothly, and also muzzle rise is reduced.  My 9 yo noticed and could explain the difference he felt in shooting.  He is as unbiased as you can get.  All he knows is what happens when he pulls the trigger, and he likes it.  He said the same that I thought.  It doesn’t kick as hard, and the red dot doesn’t go up near as much.  I should have him write a review!

Thanks again for all your help.”

Thank you, Jason, for shopping at!

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Customer Review: Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer for AR-15 and JP Spring

WDB of Troutville, VA left a 5 Star Review on the Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer for AR-15 and JP Spring.  Here’s what WDB had to say:

“A great upgrade-I am impressed with the service povided by Para Bellum Products. I had questions about this product and left a message. I received a call back within a couple hrs. My application of the product was discussed and questions answered. I ordered the KynShot and the Matched JP Spring. Received the product as promised. So I will order from this company again! Now about the product. I installed in minutes in my Bushmaster AR15 Carbine 5.56/.223. I took the gun out to the range yesterday. The product worked as I was told it would. Much less recoil and “muzzle jump” and the Matched JP spring was much better. I was better with the weapon as a result in being able to stay on or change targets and making faster shots. I let a couple of my AR buddies that were there with me give it a try and they too agreed that the weapon was much better. I expect them to be placing orders for this product soon. Order from Para Bellum products and given the same service as I recieved, you won’t be disappointed.”

Thanks a lot WDB!

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