Primary Weapons 2.0 Compensators


Primary Weapons introduced their latest upgrade to their FSC compensator series called the FSC 2.0.  FSC stands for Flash Suppressing Compensator.  The first 2 versions of the FSC series had open flash suppressing prongs on the front end.  The second version changed the rear of the comp to slightly overlap the barrel in order to hide the shims used for timing the comp when installing it.  For the 2.0 series, the recessed rear end was eliminated and the front end now has an enclosed flash suppressing end.  The recoil reducing portion of the devices has changed very little with these variations.  And the recoil reduction is quite good.  Perceived recoil reduction is a bit subjective, but I’d estimate it at around 40-50%.  In other words it cuts recoil about in half and keeps the muzzle down and stable.  Whether you have a .223, 7.62×39 or a .308, you enjoy a lot less recoil and movement and much easier control from shot to shot.  With muzzle brakes and compensators size matters and these have similar effectiveness to other brakes in the same size range.  They are a quality device at a fair price and have been consistently popular with our customers.