New 9mm Silent Captured Spring by JP Enterprises


JP Enterprises just released their new 9mm Silent Captured Spring which is a complete buffer and spring system for 9mm AR-15 carbines and pistols.  The concept of the JP Silent Captured Spring is to eliminate the spring noise in the buffer tube than many find irritating and make the smoothest possible feel to the action.  The standard AR15 variant of the Silent Captured Spring has been extremely popular and has consistently been a top product with our customers.  But the 9mm model is brand new for July 2014.  We have had them on order with JP for months and finally got the first batch of them in.  They have 4 weights instead of 3 on the .223 model and the weights are tungsten instead of steel to provide more weight for the 9mm blowback operation.  One thing to note is that all JP Silent Captured Springs, this one included, require the guide rod to be able to extend into the rear portion of the bolt/bolt carrier as the action cycles.  On most 9mm bolts there is a steel weight secured into the rear of the bolt with a roll pin to add weight.  In order to use the JP Silent Captured Spring system, this weight must be removed.  The buffer system adds enough mass to for it to still function properly with the weight removed from the bolt.  This is a simple operation just requiring a punch to drive out the roll pin and slide the weight out the rear of the bolt.  So for those looking for a smooth buffer system for their 9mm AR15 carbines, pistols or SBRs, here’s a great new option for you.  For further details and to buy see the 9mm Silent Captured Spring at

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