– Who we are…

Since 2008, has been providing the highest quality gun parts to the everyday shooter. We started out slowly working with a few companies making innovative parts like JP Enterprises, Smith Enterprise, Graco, Evoshield and Primary Weapons Systems. Over time, we sought out other manufacturers with high quality parts, innovative designs and a trustworthy reputation.  Today, we have more than 25 trusted manufacturers from whom we source our products.

The idea for came about in 2007 when Brian, a Marine and lifetime shooter, took his fiancé skeet shooting for the first time.  The shotgun they were using caused bruising on her shoulder.   While searching for products to alleviate this issue, Brian found that there were no parts suppliers who were focused on recoil reduction.   At about the same time, Brian was finishing up 20 years of service in the United States Marine Corps and thinking about his plans for after he retired from the Corps.  He saw a great opportunity to serve a need in the gun industry focused on recoil reduction and was born.  The concept was to find the most effective and highest quality recoil reducing accessories for a wide range of shooting disciplines including sporting shotguns, tactical shotguns, tactical and sporting rifles and semi-auto handguns and offer them on a website focused on recoil.  Additionally, he wanted to provide expertise to fellow shooters on recoil reduction and how the products really worked so they could make the best purchase possible for their shooting needs. was born as a veteran owned, small family business run by a husband and wife team.  We have grown and improved over the years and built a reputation with our customers for excellent advice on which parts to buy, providing only the best products in the industry, and timely, honest service.  While we are still the best one stop shop for all your recoil reduction needs, we have branched out to include other products that we think are the highest quality and best value upgrades to popular firearms.  We are small and can’t carry it all, so we only carry the best.  Due to it’s modularity and popularity, the AR-15 and AR-10 series rifles have become a major part of our product line.  There are so many great parts options for the AR-15 to both reduce recoil and upgrade how the gun runs in general that we wanted to bring the best options to our customers.  So we have a lot to offer for the custom or do it yourself gun builder from buffers and muzzle brakes to adjustable gas systems and light weight bolt carriers and most of the parts you would need for a complete build.  We also have what we believe are the best recoil stock kits in the world for tactical shotguns and a full line of accessories to go with them and we are continually researching and upgrading to make sure they are the best.  For the sporting shotgunner, we have a growing list of options as well, from Gracoil compression but plates to barrel weights, shoulder pads, recoil reducers and a wide array of recoil pads.  Muzzle brakes are also a major part of our product line and we can outfit bolt action rifles just as well as tactical semi-autos.  For semi-auto pistols, the excellent Sprinco Recoil Management Guide Rod System is a great place to start.  We carefully evaluate every part that comes into our store and we see how well it is made, how effectively it works and how it interfaces with various firearms and aftermarket parts.  We only carry products that meet our high standards for quality and performance and we work with companies that back up their products.

We know recoil and we know guns and shooting and we love what we do.  If you need help, that’s what we’re here for.  Give us a call or send us and email and let us help you out.

Thank you and happy shooting!
Para Bellum Products, Inc.

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