Customer Review: Syrac Ordnance GEN II Adjustable Gas Block .750″

Syrac Ordnance Gen II Gas BlockSteve of Castle Pines, CO gave the Syrac Ordnance GEN II Adjustable Gas Block .750″ a 5 star review! Here’s what he had to say:

“Best $100 upgrade to kill recoil and wear: I looked for one of these everywhere and Nokick is the only place that had them. I wanted the Gen2 but couldn’t find one. Decided to buy the Gen1 but when I received my order, it was the Gen2! I notified Brian and he will update the site.

I have a CMMG 5.56 with a carbine gas system. Wasn’t happy with the over gassing that so many AR’s have these days. I tried a heavier buffer and spring but this just makes the forward slam that much worse. I installed the Syrac block and the factory buffer and spring and noticed about a 50% reduction in recoil after some tuning. Also purchased a compensator and the felt recoil was reduced about 70%. Follow up shots are stupid simple and my rifle is just that much more enjoyable.

When cleaning my rifle, my BCG was almost spotless. Normally everything is filthy but the reduced gas kept my rifle much cleaner.

With less gas being shot into my upper, I will get longer life out of my gas rings, bolt lugs, buffer spring, bolt, etc.


Thank you, Steve, for shopping at!

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