The Best AR-15 Buffers and Springs on the Market!

AR-15 Buffer systems are one of the hot ticket items as far as AR-15 upgrades go.  We are stocking the highest quality and best performing buffers available.

In 2012 JP Enterprises introduced the JP AR-15 Silent Captured Spring System, which was designed to make the AR-15 action as smooth and quiet as possible and to remove the often irritating sound of the spring and buffer system inside the buffer tube.  It uses a captured spring on a seperate guide rod and has its own buffer weights.  It is very smooth and quiet and has become an instant hit this year.  And with JP, you know its quality.  The JP AR-15 Silent Captured Spring System has been so well received, they decided to release the JP AR-10 Silent Captured Spring System.  You can check out the reviews from on the JP AR-15 SCS by clicking on the screen shot to the right or by going to and scrolling to the bottom.  It has received 5/5 stars!

screenshot of JP AR15 SCS reviews

In addition to these two very popular buffers, the Spikes ST-T2 Tungsten Powder Buffers have been really popular if you are looking for simple, lower cost alternative.  Additionally, we have standard Standard H2 buffers and very high quality springs to go with the buffers for the most consistent, reliable operation possible and longer service life.