Magpul AR-15 Stocks and Grips stocks several Magpul AR-15 products available at  We are starting off with the very popular

Magpul ACS stockMP-ACS-B-2T,

Magpul MIAD GripMP-MMG-BB-2T,

Magpul MIAD Enhanced Trigger Guard MP-ETG-B-2Tand the Magpul STR stock MP-STR-B-2T.

We will, of course, be adding more Magpul products as we go.  This follows our continual effort to bring the best parts and accessories on the market to our customers.  As you all know, Magpul makes some great products that have become extremely popular in the AR-15 market and since AR-15 buffers, springs and stock parts are becoming a large part of our business, we thought this only made sense.  Now you can buy your Magpul stock and grip at the same place you buy your buffers, springs, buffer tubes and castle nuts.