Mesa Tactical LEO Telescoping Recoil Stock Kit – Best recoil stock

I tested the Mesa Tactical LEO Telescoping Recoil Stock Kit side by side with a Blackhawk Knoxx Spec Ops recoil stock and a Mako Group (FAB Defense) recoil stock kit on a Remington 870.  Using full power 2 3/4″ 00 Buck loads and turkey loads of various makes I shot with the Mako stock, then the Blackhawk Knoxx stock and then with the Mesa Tactical LEO Recoil stock with the Enidine Hydraulic shock absorber as pictured.  The best way to put it is that it was a night and day difference between the Mesa kit and the other two.  The recoil was at least cut in half compared to the other recoil stock kits.  I also shot the same loads through a Benelli M1 Tactical at the same time and the Mesa/Enidine recoil stock kit was the only stock that made the Rem 870 kick less than my Benelli.  Since recoil had always seemed high to me on the Rem 870 but had never bothered me at all on my Benelli, I thought this would be a good comparison.  Bottom line – the Enidine Shot Shock really works!.  The Mesa kit does cost more than the other kits.  In some cases, quite a bit more.  But you get what you pay for.  The other stocks offer some features or characteristics that are worthwhile and give shooters options which is great.  But for recoil reduction and control, the Mesa kit can’t be beat.