PWS Enhanced Buffer Tubes

If you own an AR-15, you should check out the Primary Weapons Systems Enhanced Buffer TubesPWS uses two different manufacturing techniques but both buffer tubes are designed for the same objectives.

 The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube – Pistol is manufactured out of a solid block of aluminum.  It is the more expensive option because it is slightly more precise.  This option is for the shooters looking for the top of the line.

The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube Mil-Spec Extrusion has the same enhanced features as the Billet Machined Buffer Tube but it is manufactured by shaping and forming the aluminum as it is stretched which is a slightly less expensive manufacturing process.

The Key features for both Buffer Tubes are the same:

  • Stronger and better lock-up with lower receiver
  • Prevents bolt carrier tilt
  • Includes QD sling swivel mounts machined into tube
  • Dead blow buffer at rear of tube to slow carrier and reduce recoil
  • Fluted tube for dirty environments
  • Drain holes for water

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